I'm running so that we can take back our country and government - so that we can give a fair shake and an even playing field to every small business, every family farmer and rancher, and every working person in South Dakota. Volunteer Contribute

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We can do this, but we need your help. They have the money, but we have the votes.

Their Senators wrote the laws that let them avoid paying taxes, but Senators elected by our votes can repeal those laws and put fair ones in their place. Their Senators wrote the laws that let big money buy elections, that threaten our social security and make an overpriced mess of our health care system, but our Senators can change those laws.

Problem is, we have to elect some Senators who are for us, and that’s hard work. We need a hand from you to get it done.

We need envelope stuffers and letter writers, canvassers and bloggers and callers and folks to distribute literature and hold signs at busy intersections, people to pound in yard signs and put signs in their windows, people to drive country roads nailing up posters and asking shop owners to let us leave literature in their establishments. We will need families to put stickers on their cars and their kids bikes, people to wear our t shirts, and always we need lots and lots and lots of small donations to help us pay for all this stuff.

So please, help us out and lend us your talents. Browbeat your kids and your parents into helping. Do something, almost anything, because we need it all to win, and we all need Rick Weiland to win to start taking back our government and putting it back to work for us all.

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